H.M Gorecki – a tribute

I (David Zinman) would like to comment on the passing of H.M. Gorecki.

I was lucky enough to get to know him a little bit when I recorded his Symphony#3 with Dawn Upshaw and the London Sinfonietta. He seemed almost non-plussed by the sudden success of this work, laughing it off as a fluke. I think he was happy with the rewards it brought him monetarily, but it never stopped him from being the maverick he was. True to his nature, he never really capitalized on it’s success.
He was an avant-gardist from beginning to end. If one studies all of his work (and I would recommend this to all young conductors), one sees a defining pattern of intellectual rigor and daring, whether the work is 12 tone or tonal, instrumental or choral.
His personality was that of a loner. He had neither the charm of W. Lutoslawski or the ambition of C. Penderecki, both of whom conducted their own works. Gorecki did not conduct and therefore had to rely on others to promote his works.
Now it is time for us all to take up his cause.

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